Tankcontainer for foodgrade products / Foodgradetanks

Tankcontainer for foodgrade products are solely permitted for the transport or storage of any foodgrade products and require appropriate labelling in accordance to the IMDG code on all tank sides, like: foodgrade only !

Products permitted for foodgrade tankcontainer only are:

Alcohol, beer, fatty, glucose, glycerin, concentrate, lecithin, molasses, milk, oil (olive oil, palm oil, rape oil, castor roil, soya oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil , etc.) Juice, chocolate, wine and other liquid foodgrade products. Furthermore latex and other harmless products.

All other products must be transported or stored in tankcontainer permitted for the appropriate handling of chemicals (chemical tanks) !

Your advantages:

• Carefully chosen (used) equipment
• closely examined and new certified, inspected and approved (see certifikate)

• short term delivery for immediate service
_(Field copy from classification authority immediately available upon certification)

• large capacities (manly from 20.000 up to 26.000 litres)
• with or without insulation
• with or without heating system
_(steam heating systems through coiling system affixed on the lower external barrel
_with auxiliary connections. E- or glycol heating systems are rather seldom

• Discharge through the bottom or top outlet connection (commonly are bottom outlets)
• Measurements according to ISO Norm
Solid steel frame constructions with welded corner castings

Further too delivery program