Certificates and registrations

Sample of an certificate for an (used) tank container with worldwide accepted 5 year
re-certification * renewal, issued by an competent authority.

Note * 5 year test as stated in 49 CFR 173 32 b (a) is the "successful completion of an hydrostatic test" and the repair of any damages or deficiency which might render the tank container unsafe for service. The witnessed approval agency shall apply its name, identifying mark or number and the date of the test on or near the identification plate.

By "change of ownership" associated with an change of prefix * and numbers ** for identification and verification of owner shall be always the prefix RAIU with mandatory change of the check digit ***.

Note * Prefix:
the identification system provides uniform international identification of container and in documentation and communication associated with the movements of containers door to door.
It consist of:
- an owner code: three capital letters of the Latin alphabet to indicate the owner or principle
_operator of the container
- an equipment category identifier which consist of an capital letter of the Latin alphabet
_as follows:
- U for freight containers

Note ** numbers:
a serial numbers: six Arabic numerals, left at owners or operators choice

Note *** check digit:
one Arabic numeral providing a means of validity the recording and transmission accuracies of the owner code and serial numbers

For example:
A tank container having a unique registered owner code of RAIU (Rainbow Containers GmbH) and a serial number 125 060 will have the following layout:

owner code
Rainbow Containers GmbH
serial number
check digit

Would for example the same tank containers ownership transferred into the logistikzentrum of the Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Army), following change may apply:

owner code
Deutsche Bundeswehr (German Army)
serial number
check digit