Tankcontainer for chemicals / Chemical tanks

Chemical tankcontainer are solely permitted for the transportation or storage of chemicals and dangerous goods.

They can not in the least further utilized for food grade products !

Your advantages:

• Carefully chosen (used) equipment
• closely examined and new certified, inspected and approved (see certificates)

• short term delivery for immediate service
_(Field copy from classification authority immediately available upon certification)

• large capacities (manly from 20.000 up to 26.000 litres)
• with or without insulation
• with or without heating system
_(steam heating systems through coiling system affixed on the lower external barrel
_with auxiliary connections. E- or glycol heating systems are rather seldom

• Discharge through the bottom or top outlet connection (commonly are bottom outlets)
• Measurements according to ISO Norm
Solid steel frame constructions with welded corner castings

Further too
delivery program