Our key aspects of activities are the sale as well as leasing of used or new tankcontainer. Our comprehensive range includes .....

On our website we provide detailed basic information about tankcontainer in general , tankcontainer for liquid chemicals , foodgrade products or gases as well as a listing of different IMO classification and UN and Kemler numbers for dangerous goods.

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All offered tankcontainer are delivered with valid inspection and approvals and certificates, testified by a competent classification authority !
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Here you will find detailed informations about all our available containers, like refrigerated containers, insulated containers, sea containers, storage containers, open-top-containers, side-door-containers etc.

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Tankcontainer are the preferred method for the transportation or storage of bulk liquids like chemicals, foodgrade products or gases, focusing on quality, safety and environmental issues. Therefore we like to draw your attention to essential facts which are lined out on the appropriate website.

The objective is to provide basic background information to alleviate your decision making process to select the appropriate equipment for your needs. It is a matter of safety .

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Our range of equipment includes:

_Dangerous goods
Any products listed under IMDG regulations
Tankcontainer for chemical products
Tankcontainer for inflammable products
Tankcontainer for toxid or poison products
Tankcontainer for corrosive products
Tankcontainer for environmentally haz.substances
_Foodgrade goods
Tankcontainer for foodgrade products
Tankcontainer for alcoholic beverages
Tankcontainer for wine
Tankcontainer for beer
Tankcontainer for orange or apple juices
Tankcontainer for chocolate

Non dangerous goods

Any products not listed under IMDG regulations
Tankcontainer for non haz products
Tankcontainer for fatty acids
Tankcontainer for vegetable oil
Tankcontainer for rape oil
Tankcontainer for bio diesel


Any flammable products
Any nonflammable or toxid products
Tankcontainer for compressed gases
Tankcontainer for liquefied low
or high pressure gases
Tankcontainer for refrigerated liquefied gases

Potable Water

Potable water tanks
Tankcontainer for potable water

ISO Norm

ISO tankcontainer
Tankcontainer manufactured

according to ISO-regulation
_Fertilizer and liquid mixfertiflizer
Tankcontainer for liquid fertilizer products
Tankcontainer for mix fertilizer products